22 May 2006

Sitecore performance - xslt NONO !

Fyi -> speed problems could be caused by one single line in xslt ( impressive that you can kill a dual core P4 64bit 4Ghz with 8 GB mem in one single code line ).

Never compare nodeset´s unless you really have to .. what you typically need is to figure out if current node is thye same as home node … do NOT do like this :
xsl:if test=”$home=$sc_current” …. < -- no no no .. verboten !!!! STOP !

The line above will loop all nodes under $home and compare every node with every node in $sc_currentitem.

Ofcourse what you DO want to do is :
xsl:if test=”$home/@id=$sc_current/@id

If you experience speed problems, this could be why !

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